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We develop solutions for access control systems and RTLS including navigation of people in buildings

We are a company that develops special solutions in the field of access control systems and real-time monitoring of objects and people (RTLS).

We implement our solution to meet all your requirements, technical, legislative and price.

RTLS technology

Real-time monitoring of objects and persons.


Access control system

Access and event management system using personal identification.



SOS button for reporting incidents.


MiniTV Entertainment

Individual TV with IPV streamer solution.


We create a safe environment for you. We’ll keep and eye on anything that’s important to you.

Wantok = a close person whom I fully trust

In Tok Pisin language, "wantok" means a close friend; someone bound by shared values and trust, forming a strong personal connection.

In Wantok, we've chosen to take the same direction. Initially, we became "wantoks" for people in the healthcare industry. Today, we're excited to extend our tailored solutions to professionals in manufacturing and other industries as well.

We understand your everyday needs, and we're here to help fulfill them. We're committed to assisting you resolve any problems you encounter.

Why use our solution?

Our solution includes a comprehensive IoT platform, communication with tags in the space, user administration, event definition, notifications and integration of other solutions (e.g. RFID access and administration). This platform is:

fully scalable secure affordable compliant with legislation offices and can be tailored to your requirements

Suitable for:

hospital environment production, warehouses and logistics sports and entertainment security solutions offices wholesale/retail sales

These companies trust us, join them

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We always do an analysis first. How do we proceed?

We will look at the premises and create a quotation for you.

We will determine the scope of the test operation with regard to:

your needs efficiency
price security

Then we evaluate the data and get down to the business of preparing the entire project.

We will provide you with service and support for the entire duration of the project.

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Main Office Štrossova 567, Bílé Předměstí,
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