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MiniTV Entertainment

MiniTV Entertainment is an individual television that can be used not only in hospital rooms.


- possibility to watch TV channels available in DVB-C/T/T2

- easy programme selection on the touch screen

- only one cable connection

- audio via headphones

- custom web management

- the solution includes an IPV streamer

MiniTV Entertainment in Healthcare

Each patient in the multi-bed rooms has the possibility to watch their own programme.

The facility also keeps patients calm and entertained, making the staff's job easier.


  • Advertising distribution – possibility to target advertising to specific patients.
  • Integration with nurse-patient systems, distribution of different types of calls between staff and patient.
  • Create a video library – online provider integration.

Other services provided

RTLS technology

Real-time monitoring of objects and persons.


Access control system

Access and event management system using personal identification.



SOS button for reporting incidents.


We always do an analysis first. How do we proceed?

We will look at the premises and create a quotation for you.

We will determine the scope of the test operation with regard to:

your needs efficiency
price security

Then we evaluate the data and get down to the business of preparing the entire project.

We will provide you with service and support for the entire duration of the project.

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