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Access control system

We offer convenience for you and your patients with RFID personal identification. Patients can easily find their way around the premises and use the tag to open doors and other objects. The staff will gain more time and have less administrative work to do. Thanks to the tag, they will know immediately that the patient is in the waiting room.

  • web management in a modern environment
  • possibility to integrate other systems via ready-made or custom APIs
  • n elimited number of people, rules, categories (groups), calendars
  • detailed organisational structure (locations - buildings - rooms - places)
  • support for different RFID media - one person can hold multiple media, different technologies
  • event distribution - one event (enabled input) can generate a sequence of several other events at different places in the system (opening a door, turning on a light, opening a locker, ...)
  • timed events - autonomous system response based on rules defined in calendars (e.g. door locking)
  • triggered events - autonomous system response based on the rules of monitored parameters (e.g. temperature exceedance)
  • locker management module
  • multi-level administration
  • detailed logging
  • graphical outputs of measurement quantities
  • virtual tag for easy orientation in the area
  • patient access to selected zones
  • signalling that the patient is in the waiting room
Why this particular system?
  • Possibility of integration with other customer systems
  • Unlimited rules, people, categories and calendars
  • Detailed organisational structure
  • Support for various RFID media
  • Timed and triggered events, Event distribution
  • Rich HW portfolio for efficient solutions for different types of installations

Other services provided

Access control system

Access and event management system using personal identification.



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We always do an analysis first. How do we proceed?

We will look at the premises and create a quotation for you.

We will determine the scope of the test operation with regard to:

your needs efficiency
price security

Then we evaluate the data and get down to the business of preparing the entire project.

We will provide you with service and support for the entire duration of the project.

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